Some Girls Like It Hot Facebook Hop


Join us June 9-12 for our Mega Gift Card Facebook Hop with over 100 authors and a gift card giveaway at every stop! The complete map to every FB page on the hop is below. Authors with one * are offering gift cards of $10 or more. Authors with two ** are offering $20 or more.

Enter every author's giveaway on the hop and you could win an Amazon Echo Dot or Kindle Fire (see details here). The odds are good!

Plus, a SECRET flash giveaway for a $15 Amazon gift card to enter right now!

Cheryl Matthynssens*
Melissa McClone*
Hunks to the Rescue*
Olivia Wildenstein*
Nancy Segovia*
Tamara Ferguson*
Emily Leigh*
Constance Phillips*
Cynthia A. Clement*
Cailin Briste*
Felicia Beasley*
Venom and Vampires*
Sidney Valentine
Michelle Jo Quinn
Romance Author Quinn
Saint Brothers Series
Soraya Naomi
Sarah Williams*
Katie O'Sullivan
Josie Litton**
Debbie White
Christa Paige**
Stacy Gold**
Kris Michaels*
Margo Bond Collins
Peggy Jaeger**
Kristina Knight*
Elizabeth SaFleur*
Lynda Haviland*
Jeanne St. James*
Sophia Knightly*
Eden Rose*
Sydney Aaliyah Michelle*
Laura Marie Altom*
Stephanie Julian*
Jennifer Wilck
Sheila Seabrook*
Lana Campbell
Erica Lynn*
Whitley Cox*
Lauren Wood
Calinda B*
Ashlyn Chase*
Deb Marlowe*
Elisabeth Barrett*
Angelica Kate*
Bailey James*
Phoebe Rose**
Elizabeth Rose*
Gayle Parness*
Marie Booth*
Alyson Hale*
Victoria Pinder*
Jody A. Kessler
Astrid Arditi*
Amy Knupp*
Jennifer Allis Provost*
Stephanie Queen**
Stella Marie Alden*
Jenna Barwin*
Joanne Dannon
Siera London*
Amy L. Gale*
PG Forte*
Lila Felix*
Melissa Belle*
Laura Greenwood
Lumi Daoi*
Nikki Lynn Barrett
Josie Riviera
Amanda Uhl*
Jacquie Rogers*
Victoria De La O*
Lane McFarland*
Holly Cortelyou**
Ashlee Price*
Author Mia Kayla
Allyson R Abbott*
Emory Gayle
Shelique Lize
Helen Scott*
JC Andrijeski*
Catherine Banks*
Isabella Thorne**
Fanny West*
Arwilda Allshouse*
Shaniel Watson
N.D. Jones**
Ani Gonzalez*
C.A. King*
Connie Dave**
Tena Stetler*
Katherine Lowry Logan**
Tamra Lassiter*
Veronica Blake*
K.N. Lee*
Bree Dahlia*
Vella Day*
Bianca DArc**
Hope Worthington*
Shelley Munro*
Lisa London*
Karen Michelle Nutt*
Aileen Harkwood*


  1. So excited to see these great authors sharing. Thank you.

  2. So excited to see these great authors sharing. Thank you.

  3. I went to every single Facebook page and did everything asked as long as the links worked and I had an app for whatever they wanted us to do, like I don't want the twitter app so if the link tried to make me download it then I said so in comments. Thank You for a great hop.

  4. Could not comment on Angelica Kate... I enjoy hops

  5. I visited every page.Lana Campbell was a problem.You coulld not just like hrr and there was no mention of the hop on her page.I was unable to do a couple things,but I hit everyone!

  6. Went to every page as Vicky Durner. Did all the ones I could find. Thanks for the chance.

  7. I enjoyed doing the hop. I did get lost a couple of times but I think I liked all the authors pages on the list. Thank you for the hop.

  8. Had fun! Found some new authors thanks!

  9. Will winners be posted in one area? Or on each individual page?


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